Our (Growing) Team


Caitlin Vander Weele, PhD - Founder & Executive Director

Neuroscientist, author, and science communicator with 10 years of expertise in understanding how emotions and brain chemistry influence decision-making. Caitlin received her PhD from MIT where her work is published in science’s top journals— including Nature & Cell. With a goal of connecting to a broader audience, she founded Interstellate in 2016. Currently, Caitlin is freelance science writer, social media strategist, and consultant in New York.

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Join Interstellate!

Are you passionate about science communication, social media, and outreach? Interstellate is looking for 2019 fellows for the production of Volume 3. We are seeking an Editor-In-Chief, Assistant Editor, and Consultants in various fields throughout the sciences. Team members will receive training in science writing, visual story telling, fundraising, social media, and personal branding. Send your CV and a brief writing sample to interstellate@gmail.com. Positivity and creativity required.