Interstellate Fellows

Interstellate is recruiting 2019 fellows for the production of Volume 3. We are seeking creative and positive early-career scientists who wish to develop their science communication skills and networks. Fellows will receive financial support from their efforts from our generous sponsors. If you’re interested in joining our team, please e-mail with your CV and brief writing sample.

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Editor-In-Chief ($1,200 USD)

Editor responsibilities include overseeing the production of Interstellate Volume 3, including V3 concept, writing/editing, submissions coordination, and fundraising. The EIC will be trained by and work closely with founder Caitlin Vander Weele.

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Assistant Editor ($800 USD)

The Assistant Editor will work in close coordination with the EIC and Caitlin on various aspects of the Volume 3 production. Assistant Editor responsibilities include writing / editing, social media management, and printing coordination.

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Consultants ($400 USD)

Consultants will serve as point of contact for different science subfields. The connections and knowledge of our consultants will be used in the creation of Volume 3, ranging from submission acquisitions, technical writing, and field-specific fundraising. When applying, please declare your specific subfield.